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Looking for an ideal, fun-filled and family focused fishing adventure?  We have just what parents and kids crave.  Our guides take joy in combining lessons and the how-to’s of fishing with the fun and play necessary for kids on a sunshine-filled summer day.  Cast for feisty bass, stop to take a swim in the warm waters of the beautiful Salmon River, and enjoy lunch on a beach that rivals the beauty of any other place on earth.  We'll do our best to help you and your family experience the abundance of a river, and the memories that can only be made in such a setting, so that you'll be reminiscing for the rest of your life about it.  The only struggle you'll face is the decision of how quickly you can schedule your next trip with us in effort to make more family memories. 



Warm summer days, a crystal-clear river, mountain backdrops of the deepest canyon-kind, and the only interruption is the top-water splash of a fish on the end of your fly-line...and LOTS of them.  Join us for your custom made day where we will serve you up the most memorable Salmon River fly-fishing dream you could imagine.  Our time on the water begins with a basic entomology lesson on the longest un-dammed river in the lower 48.  We'll help you master the ins and outs of how to cast a fly rod, then we'll put you on some fish for the next 6-8 hours.  The only interruptions you'll have is a beach stop for a gourmet lunch, the encounter of wild scenery, or perhaps some personal reflection in the solitude of Idaho wilderness.  If your schedule permits, we'll even fry up some freshly caught fish and chips before you sign off and dream of coming back to do it again with us.

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